Unboxing your mBot 101

As you unbox your mBot 101, make sure you have all the components and set them up on a table so that you can easily get the ones you need as you go through the step by step building process.

all parts

Let's build the robot

We will now start building the robot. There are 10 major steps for assembling the mBot 101 (see list below). Please refer to the video below and to the mBot 101 user manual to guide you through those steps.

10 steps for assembling the mBot 101:

  1. Add the front wheel and the line follower
  2. Add the motors
  3. Add the wheels
  4. Add the motor connectors
  5. Add the infrared sensor
  6. Add the Arduino 101 and UNO Shield boards
  7. Add the ultrasonic sensor
  8. Put it all together
  9. Connect the batteries and power it up
  10. Use the remote control and play with it

Remote control Use the remote control to try out your mBot 101.

You can choose between 3 pre-programmed mode using buttons A,B and C:

A : In this mode, you can simply use the arrows ( , , and ) to control the robot. You can also change the speed using numbers from 1 to 9.

B : Obstacle avoidance

C : Line follower


Your robot is now fully assembled and you are ready next stage.